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The words of giving the right shoes and conquering the world with it, echoes in our ears which are believed to be of the style icon of the 1950s and 1960s. She is none other than Marilyn Monroe, an American who was a most famous sex symbol. She was the queen diva, actor, singer, model, icon, symbol, popular sex symbol, and considered as women God.

Marilyn Monroe brought a change in the world of fashion. She is a pop icon of the 20th century. Her sexy and gorgeous dresses along with her shoes made a revolutionary change and made women look very attractive for men. Marilyn Monroe knew the art to mesmerize her fan club by often being in dresses with a low cut and belt around her waist to make it look sexy and slim. She would prefer dresses in colors like white, green, cream, brown, black and especially red. She had a trim cut hair and would wear silver bracelet and few accessories, but she liked to remain simple. She loved her shoes as they would add style to her sexy body.

Salvatore Ferragamo designed the high heeled pumps for the Goddess of beauty. They were unique and special as they were half wood and half metal construction that made them comfortable in spite of the extreme thinness of the heel. This was liked by Marilyn Monroe in red color.

Marilyn Monroe's shoes:

Marilyn Monroe, a blonde actress was a fan of Salvatore Ferragamo. He was an Italian shoe designer. She loved his designs and collection. He has himself designed her 40 pairs of shoes as he considered her equal to Venus, the Roman Goddess of beauty. Her wiggle gait was totally possible with his creation and her unique sexy body added to it.

Her favorite shoes included:

  • • Heel shoes, preferably white colored.
  • • Black heels which shine.
  • • Brown heels with white straps
  • • Red heels studded with sequins on it.
  • • Ballet flats, cream colored.
  • • Stilettos with black thin straps.
  • • Close-toe heels, cream in color
  • • Peep toe with heels, white or cream in color.
  • High heeled mules
    High heeled mules were her favorite. She wore it indoors. In the 16th century, these high heeled mules were closely associated with the prostitutes. Marilyn Monroe wore this shoe and hence these shoes gained high popularity. They then gradually lost the association with the prostitutes and began to hit the market as the women's favorite show.

    Marilyn Monroe’s shoes are now historical.


    Marilyn Monroe


    She was a petite sexy and gorgeous American lady. She was 5 feet 3 inches. Her shoe size was 6. She would always wear a 4 to 6 inch Ferragamo heel. With the curvy sexy small waist and Ferragamo heels she would steal the eyes and soul of her fans.

    Her heels were designed to be very thin and pointed as it would help her stand for long hours without any strain. She had a unique style of wearing heel of a shoe that was half an inch cut short. This would give her the classy look with those heels along with a wiggle walking style.

    Marilyn Monroe's shoes are now historical. Few are brought by the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence. They are displayed there. Some of her dresses along with accessories are auctioned and sold off. All the shoes displayed in the museum have heels of equal length. This opposes the rumor that she had a heel shorter than the other. The red heels with Swarvoski crystals on it steal every visitor's eyes and breathe in the museum.


    Designing shoes in Marilyn Monroe's style

    This pair of shoes has carved the name of her designer Salvatore Ferragamo in the fashion map.

    Marilyn Monroe has been a fashion icon. There are various companies designing shoes in Marilyn Monroe's style . They mimic her collection and are a replica of Salvatore Ferragamo's designs. These styles have opened up a new era in footwear line. There are various kinds of footwear available ranging from flats to pumps to boots.

    All are high heeled as she had an inclination towards heels. The fashion style of Marilyn Monroe is brought back to life in a new footwear line. Her sense of fashion and style will not wane off. Marilyn Monroe truly is an eternal figure in the fashion world, with her style and sexy body curves. The passion and zest by the ladies today to own shoe mimicking the one she possessed is a true testimony to her unique shoe style.